Product specially designed to maintain the levels of chlorination in the pool water. In swimming pools that are chlorinated with unstabilized chlorines (eg sodium hypochlorite), the Global stabilizer blocks the chlorine molecules by gradually releasing them during the day. Thus, chlorine losses due to evaporation (observed in unstabilized chlorines, and increased during the summer period) are kept to the lowest possible levels. In this way the proper chlorination of the pool is achieved, while the cost of chlorination is drastically reduced. The Global Chlorine Stabilizer is registered in the National Register of Chemical Products of the General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece. (G-01)


Chlorine Stabilizer

Compound which prolongs the action of chlorine in the swimming pool water, resisting the loss of efficiency caused by increased temperatures mainly during the summer period.

The product acts exceptionally in swimming pools that are chlorinated with sodium hypochlorite, minimizing evaporation losses and drastically reducing the cost...


10kg, 25kg