chemical swimming pool products


Dichloro Granules

Fast dissolving organic compound in granules, stabilized for the sterilization of pool water. 
It fights fungi and bacteria such as: Staphylococcus aureous, E-coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus hirae, Candida albicans, Euros, Fungi, Yeast.




starting dose

use dosage

terms of use

1,5 - 2 kg of GLOBAL G-02 per 100 m3 of water.

0,1-0,3 Kg GLOBAL G-02 per 100 m3 daily, or 1,5 Kg – 2 Kg GLOBAL G-02 per 100 m3  whenever the  pool water is not clear due to insufficient chlorination or other specific factors (e.g. rain with mud, etc.).

Add the appropriate dose of G-02 to the skimmers, or to the overflow channel, or spread it evenly across the pool surface with the water recirculation system in full operation.
The application is recommended to be done in periods when the pool is not in use (e.g. night hours).  Six (6) hours after  the application the pool is ready for use by swimmers. Previously, it is necessary to control and stabilize the pH of the pool water at normal levels (7.2-7.6). Doses are only indicative to achieve the minimal chlorine levels of 2-3 mg / l. The concentration of isocyanuric should be 30-60 mg/l and in no case should exceed 100 mg/l because then the action of chlorine gets suspended.
Read carefully the label instructions and take all necessary precautions.