Global Pool Chemicals S.A. was founded in 2005, with the production of high quality and standardization water treatment chemical products being the main object of our activity.

In the first phase of our operation, the production was focused on pool chemicals. Having a 30 years of experience in the swimming pool design and construction (through the GLOBAL group construction company), we proceeded to the design and production of a range of products that meet the high demands for efficiency, bathers’ security, long-lasting safe storage in demanding storage spaces and economy, faithfully following the highest standards.

Global Pool Chemicals S.A. is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and an Authorized Producer by the National Organization for Medicines (NOM) and the General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece (GCSL), in accordance with the relevant Community Directive. The full range of our products is registered in the National Register of Chemical Products (NRCP) and all of the biocide-disinfectant products bearing the name GLOBAL have a NOM Approval Number. Our company also participates in the procedures of licensing its products, according to the ‘’REACH ‘’ Community Directive, in association with other European Chemical Products Manufacturers.

In addition to the obligations arising from the guidelines of the above organizations, GLOBAL POOL CHEMICALS SA, having as its primary objective and philosophy the production of products with the highest possible standards, has built its structure in a way that ensures a lasting dynamic presence in the quality of its products and their standardization. As a result, it has developed from its very beginning its own modern laboratories, where the quality and specifications of raw materials as well as those of the final product are systematically tested.
The products of our company with the distinctive mark "GLOBAL" are available in the market by selected partners  and representatives, ensuring the pleasant, enjoyable and safe use of your swimming pool while guaranteeing the legal protection of swimming pool operators, of public and private use.

Our pricing policy, combined with the high quality and hence increased efficiency of our products, provides our partners with a substantial competitive advantage, as it constitutes the most efficient, safe and economical solution to the operation and maintenance of the pool.

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