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Liquid Sand Filter Descaler

Unique detergent for removing the salts and the deposits from the sand grains in pool filters. Liquid product, easily dissolved in water for immediate action, prolonging the sand filters’ life.


10 Lt

25 Lt

starting dose

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terms of use


G-23 is used undiluted. We recommend:
25 L of G-22 in a S650 sand filter,
50 L  in a S800 sand filter and
65 L in a S900 sand filter. 

Make sure that the filtration system is off and isolate the filter from the pool network. Fill the filter with water until the sand is covered. Place the appropriate dose on the sand of the filters and let it act for at least 6 hours. Then reconnect the filter to the grid and start the reverse wash procedure so that the liquid content is discharged into the drain.
Read carefully the label instructions and take all necessary precautions.